Four Tips to Effective Marketing

Marketing makes the success or failure of a product. Marketing principles are tried and true, developed for decades by scientific research; there is no guessing game. The evidence speaks for itself. Any product can be a success with effective techniques. In Toronto’s diverse market, these timeless marketing principles are especially effective.

1. Your Product is the Solution, Not a Product

Never sell a product! Sell a solution. There is no business that doesn’t have problems. Entrepreneurs look for solutions. Provide the solution they are looking for. 

The product itself is not enough. If you can provide a resolution, an answer a solution to the problem your customer or client has, the product will speak for itself. This effective marketing that will bring the feeling of excitement and enthusiasm that your clients’ needs will be satisfied. Market solutions.

2. Be the Expert

Trust, confidence and faith! Customers must believe in the solutions you offer. If the customer already had the solution, he or she would not be coming to you. You must present yourself as the authority in the process.

We, as clients, customers and patients must trust the experts, be they mechanics for our cars, opticians for our eye-wear, lawyers for our contracts, designers for our web redesign projects; we expect to hire them and accept their solutions. As they become reliable, we return to them with confidence in their professional knowledge. As you become the authority, your clients will trust.

3. The Friendly Salesman

People warm to others with heart. We like to deal with those who share our belief systems and world views. We react to kindness; businesses engage in philanthropy to show charity. We resect those who share.

The client must believe that you take a personal interest in their success and welfare. Be a good listener with an accepting manner. Show that you understand and empathize with their problems, issues and purposes. Such a warm, personal manner can give you the competitive edge that places you above the average. In Toronto, a city celebrated for its inclusivity, showing genuine care and understanding towards clients’ diverse backgrounds can significantly enhance customer loyalty.

4. Evidence and Proof

Dispel any uncertainty customers may have by offering proofs and evidence of your solution’s effectiveness. Before a purchase is made, the potential buyer must be confident about the potential benefits of investing in what you have to offer. They want to be assured of quality. Encourage them to ask questions to alleviate any doubts about their making the improvements they are looking for.

Provide data and records. These may be in the form of testimonials, data, research and quotations. Strong concrete evidence will finalize their choice of doing business with you. Coupled with the preceding tips, the sale can be made with confidence, warmth and authority.

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